Beckham: it would be difficult going back to the LA Galaxy

David Beckham has admitted that it will be "difficult" if he is forced to return to the LA Galaxy following his current loan spell with AC Milan. The former England captain was set to return to the MLS club on March 9 but there have been rumours of Milan signing the midfielder on a permanent contract.

Beckham has made it clear that he wants to remain at the Serie A beyond his current loan deal: "It would be difficult to go back after everything that has happened," Becks told reporters after last night's Milan derby. He continued "I have said that I want to stay but I will stay professional and do what I have to do."

When quizzed about where he will be at the end of the season Beckham admitted that his future is uncertain: "I don't know. Talks have been going on and on and everyone seems to be talking about it but it's out of my hands. We'll know more in the next week." Becks hobbled off early in the second half during his first Milan derby. Jose Mourinho's Inter won the match 2-1.

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