Beckham hits back at Donovan over criticism

David Beckham has responded to the public criticism that he received from his LA Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan last month. The US striker described Becks both a bad captain and tightwad with his money in a forthcoming book by Grant Wahl entitled The Beckham Experiment.

Making his first public appearance since returning to LA following a five-month loan deal at AC Milan, Beckham branded Donovan's outburst as unprofessional. "It's unprofessional in my eyes. In every football player's eyes throughout the world it would be unprofessional to speak out about a team-mate especially in the press and not to your face," Beckham told reporters.

"But I'm going to turn it on a positive spin because that's what this needs," the England winger continued. "But in 17 years, I have played with the biggest teams in the world and the biggest players and not once have I been criticised for my professionalism. It's important to get this cleared up and I will be speaking to Landon either this evening or over the next couple of days."

Becks also claimed that his time in Serie A will improve his performances for the LA Galaxy but he did not rule out a return to Italy if it boosts his chances of playing in next year's World Cup in South Africa.

"To be involved in the World Cup and to be involved with this England squad, I have to give myself the chance to be at that top level. I'll do that personally and anything to do that," Goldenballs said. "It's just saying that for the moment, this is what I need to do. It doesn't mean I'm running away from a project I believe in. I think the experiences I've had can only help this team."

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