Beckham happy to sit on the bench for England

David Beckham has said that he is happy to sit on the bench for England as long as the team qualifies for the 2010 World Cup.

The erstwhile England skipper was recalled to international football by Fabio Capello, but his place in the first team has been taken by Arsenal wonder kid Theo Walcott.

But Goldenballs told reporters that he wants to give his contribution to the squad even if it means picking up splinters on the bench: "If that means me coming on as sub or just even part of the squad, then I would be happy with that. I don't care whether I play or whether I don't."

Becks continued: ''I would be happy going home having not even got off the bench. I'm in the squad, in the manager's mind and I'm there to support the team. I'm an England fan.'' But with the current form of David Bentley and Aaron Lennon it looks as if Beckham could be around for a lot longer than he thinks.

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