Beckham confronts Galaxy fans

David Beckham would have been in the Man United system when Eric Catona did the most impressive thing he ever did; kicked that div of a Palace fan with a kung-fu style fling of his Nike boot. It must have left an impression on him too, as he decided to get physical with his own unhappy fans.

The England star was held back by security at the Home Depot Center after he tried to jump a barrier to get to a section of the home crowd who had been jeering him as he left the pitch for half-time. A fan then started running towards Beckham and was also held back.

Beckham had suggested that he wanted to stay in Italy after his successful five month spell with AC Milan last season, and Galaxy fans weren’t exactly happy about it. So they sprayed their mums sheets with slogans that said ‘go home fraud’ and ‘here before, here after, here despite 23’. Beastly. For his part Beckham claimed that he wasn’t looking to clock the fan at all, and merely wanted to shake his hand.

‘One of the guys was saying things that really wasn't very nice,’ he said. ‘It was stepping over the line. I said “You need to calm down and come shake my hand” and he jumped over.’

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