Beckham confident of Milan return

David Beckham has revealed that he is confident of a return to AC Milan in the New Year as he looks to cement his place in the England squad for next summer's World Cup in South Africa.

The 34-year-old was awarded the man of the match gong for his 32 minute shift against Belarus last night but knows that he has to play during the MLS off season if he is to have any chance of making Fabio Capello's final cut.

'The Milan deal is almost done and hopefully that will be sorted out in the next month and I'll probably be going there at the end of December,' Becks told reporters after the game last night. 'The move to Milan is close. I've always said I want to go back there and Milan have said they've wanted me from the time I left there.'

Goldenballs continued: 'They are still saying the same now. It is 95 per cent done and dusted so I don't see why it is not going to happen now. The manager knows what is going on and he knows what he wants with other players and not just myself.'

Beckham is philosophical about his chances of being on the plane to South Africa next summer: 'There is a long time to go, a lot of games to play, a lot of the season left,' he added. 'We will see. I'll carry on working hard, playing as hard as I can, and just to give myself a chance.'

'If I'm in the squad, then great, and if not, then we've got a strong squad of players that can go to Africa and make it interesting. We all have to prove ourselves every game and every training session that we want to be in the squad and in the team for every game and not just the World Cup.'

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