Beckham and Giggs show Olympic interest

David Beckham and Ryan Giggs are among the players who have expressed an interest in joining the Team GB football squad for the London Olympics. This raises the tempting prospect of a Manchester United old boys reunion for the veteran midfielders.

The FA contacted 191 footballers, including representatives of all 4 home nations. Only 7 of those contacted asked not to be considered. Although the bulk of the squad will be under-23s, Beckham and Giggs could qualify as over-age players.

Darryl Seibel of the British Olympic Association said: "This is an outstanding response and it confirms what we have believed all along, which is there is widespread interest among players in competing for Team GB at the London 2012 Games. Clearly, the players recognise just how special this opportunity is."

The Team GB coach Stuart Pearce has 184 players to choose his squad from, and although there are no details of all the names on the list, it is apparent that some of the top players in the Premier League will be included.

Britain used to enter amateur teams into the Olympic competition, but this will be the first occasion that a British professional side has been included at the Olympics.

Team GB remains a controversial issue with the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh FAs opposing participation of their players. The player response suggests that the authorities’ wishes are being ignored. With matches to be played in Glasgow and Cardiff as well as across England, there is obviously an opportunity for fans across the UK to get behind Team GB.

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