BBC Sports Personality of the Year – a clear winner

We’re starting our campaign now: vote for Joe Calzaghe for BBC Sports Personality of the Year!

Why? He’s a winner – his imperious dispatch of his rated Danish opponent at the weekend is the latest in a long line of extraordinary world-title defences. He’s a personality – he’s erudite and spends his days off starring in Hollywood movies (albeit about boxers). And because his is everyman’s sport – the noble art of pugilism – not a minority pastime. No disrespect to equestrians or Zara Phillips (ma’am)...

If Lewis Hamilton wins – which is a very strong possibility if we don’t do something about it – we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. He’s a great sportsperson but he’s not won anything. Yet. And he’s not much of a personality. Yet.

The title is based on viewers’ votes, so make sure you cast yours for big Joe.

(Image: from the Pankration Research Institute’s Flickr stream)

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