BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013: Justin Rose Moving On

Justin Rose hasn’t come to terms with the US Open victory that’s brought him a BBC Sports Personality of the Year nomination and he’s unlikely to let it sink in too soon. “Sometimes, if I pass by the trophy in the house, I catch myself cutting off from what I’m doing and taking a second look. And out of the blue it makes me smile. Not only is it still sinking in, but I’m still in the period where I’m in possession of the real US Open trophy, not just a replica.”

“When you win the US Open you realise that you’ll go down in the history books, but that notion just confirms the magnitude of it, the history of it. It’s very surreal,” he said sounding like a fan rather than a sportsman who’s just joined some of his golfing heroes as a US Open champion. “Just think, Nicklaus, Hogan and Woods and other great, great names in golf had that trophy in their house.”

England’s first US Open champion in 43 years more than deserves his place alongside Andy Murray on the shortlist for BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013. As with Murray, Rose can’t make the ceremony on Sunday because he’ll be competing.

Only four weeks after the final championship of 2013 Rose will begin the 2014 season, which surely won’t top this year’s. “I’d fantasised about winning a major for years. Ever since I’ve started the game that was the benchmark, that was the goal. Obviously there’s been a lot of great players throughout history who have never won a major, so I’m grateful to have that monkey off my back.”

At the moment bookies have him seventh on the list of ten Sports Personality of the Year nominees, with Murray as favourite followed by AP McCoy and Mo Farah, so odds are against Rose adding the BBC title to his US Open trophy.

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