Find the best basketball stores in London

It might not be the biggest sport in Britain, but there is a conspicuous shortage of specialist basketball stores in London to cater to the cult following for the NBA on this side of the pond. In search of basketball equipment, we weaved down the aisles and slam-dunked to the checkouts of London's sports shops.

Niketown in Oxford Street (www.nike.com) is now the biggest Nike Store in the world, so it's hardly surprising that it has plenty of basketball-related merchandise on the shelves. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James footwear lead off the extensive range of shoes, including a neat pair of Air Jordan Alphas at £110.

Shop for T-shirts, hoodies, tops and shorts alongside equipment like bags and sports holdalls. Oh, and you might need a basketball or two.  Everything can be customized to suit your preferences at the NikeiD facility.

Decathlon (www.decathlon.co.uk) in Surrey Quays Road isn't a basketball specialist, but it is a huge warehouse with plenty of useful basketball equipment for the player rather than the armchair NBA fan. Balls, backboards, boots, baskets, black wristbands, black headbands, anything beginning with a b; they've got it.

For specialist basketball stores, in London or anywhere in the UK, though, the message is that, for now at least, serious fans have to shop online.This doesn't necessarily mean you have to import your basketball paraphernalia from the States though.

The best-equipped UK supplier by some distance is SwiSh Basketball, which stocks an amazing range of  clothing, boots, equipment, fan's accessories and team-wear. SwiSh also offers an extensive range of discounted items and clearance stock. You can shop at leisure on www.swishbasketball.net, and you can also follow them on Twitter.


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