Different types of basketball nets available

There are many different styles of basketball nets. The place that you want to place the hoop will determine the type that you buy. However, there are other factors that you will need to consider into your search. Here are the types and when they are useful.

Miniature Hoops

The most common type of basketball nets bought are miniature ones. This style is perfect for indoors, such as a bedroom or living room. The miniature style is extremely popular with students for dorm rooms. They can be placed on a wall, door or even a window. Small soft balls are used to shoot through the net.

Upright Hoops

For those that want to play outside, there are two types of hoops available. One of those is the upright basketball nets, which look extremely similar to netball nets. The basketball net sits at the top of a metal pole, which is collapsible so it can be taken anywhere you want. The problem with upright hoops is that many do not have a board at the back, which is something that most basketball players will rely on.

Traditional Basketball Nets

The third type is one that you will usually see during a basketball game. These nets are large and screwed onto a wall. They are for outdoor games and for places that are permanently used as a basketball court, such as a large driveway or a paved back garden. This type of hoop has a large back board attached but it is not as portable as other types.

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