The top 5 players to have ever graced a basketball net

Michael Jordan

In the history of basketball, Michael Jordan will be remembered for his outstanding athletic ability, sublime skill, and the ruthless competitive edge which saw him win so many memorable victories. The six time NBA Champion's explosive scoring saw him shoot ball after ball through the basketball net and his deserved reputation as the 'complete player' saw him assist every team he played for in every possible way. In his prime, Jordan who won two Olympic Golds, was simply flawless as a player and will remain a legend of the game as long as there is a basketball net to shoot balls through.

Magic Johnson

Considered the finest point guard of the basketball net that ever existed, Magic Johnson with his six foot nine muscular frame was a true sight to behold when let loose on the court. His imposing presence was an unstoppable force of nature and his deadly combination of skills and power allowed him to play in multiple positions and become five times NBA champion. Johnson's passing skills were second to none and his unusual talent of being so big and playing point guard so well has never been matched.

Kobe Bryant

Both physically and technically, Kobe Bryant bears more than a passing resemblance to the legendary Michael Jordan, and is capable of dominating both ends of the floor. He is naturally gifted with all the offensive moves any player could wish for and can threaten the basketball net from anywhere on the court. Renowned as being the best closer in the game, this five time NBA champion has statistically made more difficult shots than any other player in history.

Larry Bird

Like his arch rival Magic Johnson, Larry Bird was a versatile player who had both the awesome size and skill of a classic point guard. Bird was let down by his lack of perfect athletic ability, but his pure shooting ability and offensive instincts saw him become the NBA champion three times, and he will be remembered as one of the true greats of the game.

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq was the biggest and most physically fearsome player to ever stalk the basketball net. Traditionally, in the history of the NBA, the centre position was the key to securing championships, and the centre was where Shaq held court and  bounced his way to the NBA championship four times.

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