Barcelona set to sign Hleb from Arsenal

Alexander Hleb looks set to sign for Barcelona after the Catalan club offered £14.5m for the Belarus midfielder. Arsenal had previously rejected a £12m bid for the 27-year-old but Barcelona are hoping that their improved offer will be enough to secure Hleb's services.

Hleb has been linked with a move away from Arsenal since end of last season, with Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid all rumoured to be interested in the midfielder. But only Barcelona have made an official bid for the former Stuttgart player.

French international Samir Nasri looks like he will replace Hleb at the Emirates next season. The Marseille midfielder is a similar type of player and will set Arsenal back £13.5

If Hleb does move to Barcelona it could mean the end of the Catalan club's interest in Emmanuel Adebayor. Although they have raised £8m through the sale of Deco, Barcelona will need to offload Samuel Eto'o and Ronaldinho before they can meet Adebayor's £30m asking price.

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