Bang on the Button

Jensen Button won the Chinese Grand Prix yesterday, in a manner that would have made even the hardest motorsport sceptic sit up and take notice, completing a nice one-two finish with his McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton. Button hailed the triumph, which came in difficult rainy conditions, as his ‘best victory’, but the real drama came with Hamilton, who had a topsy-turvy battle with Michael Schumacher and was reprimanded for dangerous driving after he clashed with Sebastian Vettel in the pits.

‘For me it is my best victory,’ said Button. ‘Every one you win becomes your best victory but this was pretty tough conditions. The good thing is our pace was very good today. It wasn't just the call of weather, it was good pace. At the end we were two seconds a lap quicker than other people.

‘Staying on dry tyres was the right thing. You would not think it as it was raining quite a bit. We got a lot of grip from those tyres, we just had to be a little careful because every time you arrived at a corner it was in a different condition from the previous lap, either better or worse. It was definitely the right call and when the team called me in for inters that was the right call as well because the tyres had started graining.’

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