Ballack escapes punishment over Evra challenge

Michael Ballack has escaped punishment for his body check on Patrice Evra in the build up to Chelsea's second goal in yesterday's Community Shield at Wembley.

Despite Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claiming that the challenge warranted a straight red card, referee Chris Foy confirmed after the game that he had seen the incident and deemed that there was nothing wrong with it.

Foy made no mention of the controversial challenge in his match report meaning that the matter is now closed. Ballack has admitted blocking Evra in the incident which led to Chelsea's second goal but said that he was 'happy' that the referee didn't blow his whistle.

"I have to be happy that the referee didn't blow because maybe I blocked him a little bit," Ballack said. "If the referee gives a foul it would have been OK as well, but he decided not to. It was a bit unlucky after that because they conceded the goal. I kept on playing but then I didn't have the ball so I couldn't see how injured he was."

Fergie also complained that Foy should have stopped the game to allow Evra to receive treatment but Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard told reporters that he saw nothing wrong with playing on: "I don't think any player would, you're entitled to shoot," he said. "That's what United did in the first half, but the referee stopped them and when Ballack went down in the second half they were complaining that they couldn't carry on."

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