Bale out?

Tottenham Hotpsur manager Harry Redkapp has revealed that wing wizard Gareth Bale is unlikely to start tonight in their Champions League clash with AC Milan.

Spurs face the Italian giants at White Hart Lane knowing that the 1-0 win in the previous leg gives them a great chance of going through: should they score tonight Milan will need three goals to make it to the quarter finals. However without Bale they will be without one of their major goal threats, and a player who will have the Italians’ defence on their toes.

‘We've got to see how he is,’ Redknapp said. ‘He trained today, he did a little bit but I am not too sure about the game. I don't think he is fit enough to start. He doesn't feel that he is quite ready.

‘He is a great weapon to bring on ... I just hope that he will be able to come on. I am sure, yes, that Milan will get a lift when they see that Gareth is not in the team.

‘I'm sure Gareth is desperate to play but I don't think he will play if he doesn't feel 100%. It's his decision as to whether he is ready or not. If he's not quite right, then I wouldn't want to take a chance on him. If the boy says he is not ready to start, then I wouldn't push him.’

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