Back in your box, JT

Fabio Capello has denied that there is a player revolution, and has criticised John Terry for speaking out publically instead of privately with the coaches, putting the mouthy Chelsea captain back in his place, if you believe the press that he was trying to stir up trouble. The Italian certainly isn't revealing anything if he did.

England go into tomorrow's game against Slovenia knowing that a win would put them through to the second round, where they will either face Germany or Serbia, and any unrest in the camp is being played down. It'll all come out after England get knocked out anyway, which won't be any longer than the weekend.

‘No, it's not a revolution. It's one mistake from one player, no more,' said the England coach. 'I read yesterday that John Terry said this. I don't understand why he doesn't speak with me every time.

‘I think he's more disappointed some players because, when you speak, you have to speak privately, not with the media. This is the big mistake. This is very big mistake. I know sometimes some players want to speak more with the media than with the other players. The mistake is you have to speak with the players, with me, with the dressing room.

‘I spoke with some players, and only John Terry said this. No one spoke with me about problems. My door is open always if they want to speak with me. They can. Every time we have a meeting I ask the captain: ‘Problems? You want to say something?’ Never. But I hope that from the big mistake comes out a big performance.’

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