Back in the saddle

Michael Schumacher says he is ready to step back into the high-pressure world of Formula One racing, and will be searching for his eighth world title. The German has joined the Mercedes-Benz team for next season, and he will no doubt he looking to break the Italian hearts that once worshipped him, back in the days when he won championship after championship for their beloved Ferrari.

‘Quite a lot of my history and quite a lot of my heart is red,’ he said of his times with his old team. ‘You can't forget or deny all the good moments we had together. Now we will compete against each other, but that doesn't mean we have to forget the past.’

Forgetting or not forgetting, the man most British racing fans will remember for cheating Damon Hill out of a title all those years ago is hamping at the bit to prove that he still has the fitness to deal with a gruelling season pushing the fastest racing cars in the world to the limits.

‘I'm hot. It's all taking too long. The discussions started in November and we have to wait until February before I drive. I was used to working through the winter and testing in January.’

‘The main reason I'm doing this is that I'm thrilled about it. I've raced karts and bikes while I've been away from Formula One, and that's been great, but I feel very excited about competing again at the highest level of motor sport. I've always been focused and motivated and determined, and that's how it is now. No more and no less.’

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