Back in hot water

Didier Drogba has been given another ban from the Champions League by UEFA – this time for two matches – as a result of the red card he received during Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to the Italian champions at Stamford Bridge.

The Ivorian striker was sent off for an 87th minute stamp on defender Thiago Motta, which has resulted in his probation period, which had been handed after ‘offensive comments’ were made to Danish referee Tom Henning Ovrebo following Chelsea’s controversial defeat to Barcelona last season, being extended by two years until July 2013. ‘The suspension applies to the next two UEFA club competition matches for which Drogba would be eligible,’ said a UEFA statement.

‘The referee was a bit hard on me for this red card,’ Drogba had said after the match. ‘I stepped on his tendon, but it was not intentional and I was more focused on the cross and the ball. I'm going to try to make it better. All have been unhappy endings, so I hope next season the Champions League will be mine.’

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