Brand new baby paddling pools

Baby paddling pools always sell by the boat load in the summer time. Pools are a great way for child and parents to bond while they have fun while splashing about.

A baby paddling pool is also a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the sun. They are easy to set up and take only minutes to fill. Another great aspect is how safe they are. Really it is totally up to the parents to fill it to whatever depth they are comfortable with so this prevents the possibility of any accident happening.

Kids just love water, especially when it's a scorcher outside. A baby paddling pool is a great idea so we have chosen two of the best from the UK's number one retailer of all things baby, the Early Learning Centre.

1. The c: This is the most basic and smallest of what is on offer but it is perfect for a baby. This is the perfect pool for first time paddlers with a sunshade to keep the sun at bay.

They couldn't call it an activity centre if there wasn't a little more too it so they have thrown in some blow up rings for the baby to play with. This pool is ideal for kids from 9 months to 2 years and is available in pink and blue.

2. The Pop Up Pool: This pool is perfect for adults, well, not so much for swimming but it is very easy to set up so the adults love it! This pool requires no air, it literally pops up like a play tent. All you have to do is fill it with water and you are good to go.

It can fit 2 babies comfortably and is perfect for kids aged 2-3 years old. Why not fill the empty pool with play balls on rainy days to make a ball pit for the kids? That will keep them entertained.

There you have it, two great pools for babies!

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