Avram Grant moans to the press

It’s not exactly hard to see why Avram Grant got the boot from the manager’s job at West Ham. Despite a squad containing several international footballers, including the football writer’s player of the year Scott Parker, the Hammers were the first team to be relegated form the Premier league this season, and while blame must also be dished out to the players, the ultimate responsibility for the teams plight lays at the door of the manager – Grant himself.

Despite this, Grant seems to feel he was hard done by at Upton Park, saying to a friend that six people were offered his job back in January, and saying that he had an easier time at Portsmouth – despite the massive financial the club faced while he was in charge.

‘Avram points to January when Martin O'Neill was offered his job,’ said a friend. ‘He says six managers were asked by the club to take over, including Steve McClaren and Sam Allardyce, but they would not do it because they knew the situation there.

‘Avram feels frustrated. If he had not been sacked he believes he could have steadied the club and taken it on to much better things next season. He actually said that despite all the financial difficulties at Portsmouth, where players were not being paid and the club faced liquidation, that job was far easier than the West Ham one because he could concentrate on the on-field job.’

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