Do You Want to Watch Australian Open Tennis Online?

If you're a tennis fan and scouring the net for places to watch Australian open tennis online, you're in luck. There are a number of sites offering live sports feeds, and tennis is no exception!  One site in particular is quickly making a name for itself, and satisfied sports lovers the world over recommend this site.

watchlivetennis.org is a must-visit site if you're into sports of any kind. As the name suggests the main page focuses on tennis, and any tennis tournament you can think of is covered here. The Australian, French, and US Opens are all covered, and if you're after ATP or WTA tours you're in luck too! Wimbledon games are also streamed on the site so there's really something for every tennis lover.

If you navigate to the Australian open section you'll see all the games for this year's Australian open listed on the site. There are over 30 different games listed there for 2011, and if you're in the mood to watch the 2010 or 2009 Australian open you're able to do that too!

The site requires a subscription, but the fees are incredibly low.  Registering and signing up for unlimited tennis viewing will cost you $12.95 for a full year's worth of viewing, or $19.95 for two years!  At prices such as these anyone can afford an account here, and with this much tennis action at your fingertips who would not be tempted?

Head on over to watchlivetennis.org to see what's on offer. You may never need to use another site to watch tennis online, ever again!

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