Aussie Wide Open

With Nadal dispatched by the un-seeded but highly talented Tsonga, and Federer looking more shaky than he has done in… well, his career – the Aussie Open is wide, err, open…

Tennis is a funny old game. It takes something quite out of the ordinary – like Nadal or Federer losing, a woman’s game going close, a full day of sunshine at Wimbledon, or Sue Barker saying something amusing – to make us sit up and take more than a passing interest in the game. Pardon the pun.

Oh, I say! we hear you cry. It’s a more exciting and gripping sport than we’re making out. Well, not really. Look at the television airplay it gets – next to none here, except when Wimbledon is on. County cricket gets more telly-time. And, by crikey, that says a lot about tennis and its lack of real popular appeal.

New balls, please?

(Image: from YouTube)

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