Get off to a flying start with athletics running spikes

Need to head down that track faster than Usain Bolt jumping the gun? Well apart from all that familiar stuff about dedication, diet and training, have you thought about getting yourself a neat set of athletics running spikes? With the Olympics coming up, you need to look the part.

The Reebok Mens Athletic Running Sprint Spikes (www.reebok.com)  are a great entry-level spiked running shoe. They are extremely lightweight and flexible for those dynamic starts, with a 6 spike plate. Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) has them on offer at just £14.99.

The Adidas Cosmos Middle Distance Running Spikes are the sensible option if you are facing races over 800 metres or more. They have forefoot and heel cushioning to go easy on your your knees and back. They have mesh uppers to keep feet cool, a stable sole for gripping that track securely, and plenty of support for the ankles. Prices start at £39.99.

The Nike Junior Rival MD IV Running Spikes have lightweight breathable mesh uppers with overlays for support and a thin EVA wedge for lightweight cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. The durable carbon rubber outsole provides traction and cushioning, with 7 removable spikes for great grip on any surface. The spikes with the swoosh start at £39.99, but look for occasional discount offers on Amazon.

The Asics Effort Long Distance Track Running Spikes are for those hardy types who only get interested when the distances are 5000 metres or further. Comfort is the watchword with these athletics running spikes, providing enhanced cushioned support, even over uneven surfaces.  Amazon offers them at £14.95, a 70% saving on the normal price of £49.99.


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