Aston Villa star Jack Grealish pictured passed out in Tenerife

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Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish has been snapped passed out in the middle of the street in Tenerife. The Premier League star was very much the worse for wear after a heavy night of drinking with pals in the Spanish party island.

The photo was tweeted from ‏@brionyking0913 along with the message "@JackGrealish1 had a great night, opposite my apartment in the wonderful tenerife". The owner of the account, Briony King, had met Grealish while out on the town and claims it was her boyfriend that took the picture.

When accused of posting a picture of another person and pretending it was Grealish, she was able to post a picture of a friend posing with the footballer who was dressed exactly as he is in the street image. King has since found herself a target of abusive comments from irate Aston Villa fans not best pleased that she posted the unflattering image.

Grealish can be seen flat on his back on a slightly hilly street right in front of an apartment block. King described her attempts to rouse him from the street saying "tried to wake him but he was paralytic! Don't realise it was him at the time". Grealish is currently involved in a tug of war between England and the Republic of Ireland over who he wishes to represent at International level and he is due to make a decision on that issue very soon.

The Aston Villa player is bound to face some disciplinary action from his club once he reports back for pre-season duty despite shining for the Villains this season. A statement from Villa read "The club is aware of the photographs of Jack Grealish currently circulating. We will be meeting with the player but any action will remain an internal matter."

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