The history behind Asics rugby boots

For 60 years Asics has been producing quality sports gear for top athletes in a range of disciplines. Through history many players wearing Asics rugby boots have quite literally preformed out of their socks.

The Founder of Asics Rugby Boots

Kihachiro Onitsuka founded the blueprint of Asics in 1949. The Asics figurehead was an extraordinary man with an extraordinary vision, and believed firmly in the redemptive and positive influence that sport could have on young people.

It Started with Basketball

Onitsuka first started manufacturing visionary basketball shoes and in 1950 his company became known as Onitsuka Tiger. After the winner of the Boston Marathon was seen sporting the Tiger Sports shoe in 1951, the company took off.

The Rise and Rise

In 1964 both the Japanese women's volleyball team and Ethiopian runner, Abebe Bikila won gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics wearing Tiger shoes. The footwear was developed further and marketed in the United States, where it captured the public's imagination. Throughout the 1970s many athletes competing at major competitions wore Asics.

The Birth of a Brand

The company responsible for Asics rugby boots was born officaly in 1977 when Onitsuka Tiger merged with GTO Sports Nets and Sportswear. To reflect the company's philosophy, that sport is the most effective way to create a healthy and happy lifestyle, the acronym Asics (Anima Sana In Corpore Sano) was chosen, which translates as “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body.”

Asics Ruby Boots

Asics revolutionary range of rugby boots are renowned for catering to the needs of an athlete who wishes to enhance their comfort, minimise their risk of injury and maximise their performance and potential.

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