Ashley Cole punched 3 times by Playboy model Carla Howe

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Former Chelsea and England football star Ashely Cole has found himself not he receiving end of an assault at the hands of a glamour model. According to reports by the Sun newspaper, Cole was punched by Carla Howe after he mistakenly confronted her thinking she was her twin sister.

Cole, who now plies his trade at Roma in Italy's Serie A league, used to date Carla's sister Melissa Howe and she has spoken publicly about the pair's relationship. When Cole saw Carla at Tramp club in London, he allegedly started shouting as Ms Howe before she "punched him three times".

Howe told the Sun "Ashley had followed me from the VIP section into the foyer area and just got in my face. So I lashed out". She added "Ashley was shouting ‘She’s busted my lip’. I was led away by security but a friend told me he couldn’t talk afterwards."

Rap superstar Drake also happened to be in the club on the same night and it turns out that two of his security team were the ones to step in and escort Carla outside. The model, who has posed for Playboy magazine, even found time in the aftermath of the situation to tweet "Happy I just punched up @therealAC3 long awaited."

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