Ashley Cole in V sign charge

Ashley Cole is now facing an FA disciplinary charge after giving the V sign to a section of Arsenal fans as his Chelsea went down 1-0 at the Emirates on Sunday.

Heat-of-the-moment stuff, perhaps, but surely “Cashley” must have expected a bit of stick when he returned to the club that did so much for him and whose hand he bit so sharply on leaving.

He, after all, is the man who was party to inappropriate transfer talks with Chelsea, for which he and the Blues were fined six-figure sums. Who made a point of saying that his move was about his career not money, then aggressively negotiated an enormous salary. Who wrote an autobiography that was highly critical of Arsenal, and especially former mentor Arsene Wenger. And who married Cheryl out of Girls Aloud, dammit.

If that doesn’t all warrant a bit of shouting, we don’t know what does.

By the way, according to Wikipedia, Cole has recently discovered he is related to Mariah Carey. Not really relevant, just thought you might like to know…take a look at our selection of Ashley snaps and see if you can spot the similarity.

(Image: from YouTube)

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