Get on the piste for less by snapping up Lidl, Aldi or Asda ski wear

Skiing is a pastime of the affluent, right? Wrong. Everybody can indulge in a spot of downhill slalom, with cheap and cheerful flights, bargain accommodation, and low-priced equipment. Get kitted out on a budget with Lidl, Aldi and Asda ski wear.

Lidl (www.lidl.co.uk) and Aldi (www.aldi.co.uk) reflect their origins in Germany, with occasional ranges of great-quality winter and ski wear. The nature of these shops mean that special offer products like ski wear appear only briefly. Check the websites, the advertisements in The Sun or Mirror and the in-store leaflets to know when the products will be in stock.

You can pick up some exceptional bargains. Last season's ski wear included thinsulate ski gloves at Lidl for £4.99, and an even better deal at the same store offered ski goggles with 100% UV protection for £7.99. Lidl offered specialist ski socks with cushioned zones at just £3.99 for adults and £2.99 for kids.

Ski jackets were also available at remarkable prices. Lidl offered a full children's ski suit (including salopettes) for just £12.49, and a ladies high quality version for £19.99. Aldo had a men's Crane jacket for £19.99, and a full suit with salopettes for £25.99.

Asda (www.asda.com) includes plenty of ski wear in their George fashion range, with seasonal winter clothing hitting the shops by the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

With padded nylon ski jackets from £16, thinsulate nylon gloves from £5, and a wide range of winter fleeces. the Asda ski wear range should be able to provide most of the essentials for your winter holiday wardrobe.



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