Arshavin to Arsenal deal collapses

Andrei Arshavin's proposed move to Arsenal has collapsed following a disagreement over wages according to reports in the English press. The 27-year-old Russian international arrived in London yesterday anticipating the conclusion of lengthy negotiations between the Gunners and Zenit St Petersburg but the deal now looks dead.

A spokesman for Arshavin explained to the Guardian why the transfer stalled: "What has been the problem with this deal? Money as always. The Russians are [unrealistic] and how can Arsenal offer less than £15m and half of Arshavin's contract? He's getting 3.875m euros and the club is offering half. Who would take another job for half the money? Arsenal have been making big waves by saying this would be the big historic transfer in the history of the Gunners. Well, its bull.”

The unnamed source continued: "They [Arsenal] thought they could pull this off by saying we are a big club, this is a nice country, all that stuff. But he's not a 16-year-old from Africa. The life in England is more expensive - a car, a house, it's all more expensive in London, and he has to bring his family. He has one kid who is three years old, another who is one year old. It's ridiculous."

The break down of negotiations will come as a blow to Arsenal fans who had hoped that the arrival of Arshavin could reignite the club's faltering league campaign.

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