Arsene Wenger's selective vision

Yesterday's big TV game between Newcastle and Arsenal was an appalling spectacle, with hardly any football being played, and loads of ridulous cheating: first up, Alex Song, who stamped on Nietzsche-quoting Joey Barton, who seems to raise the hackles of everyone on the football pitch; then Gervinho dived to try and win a penalty, which incensed Barton, who tried to grab Gervinho by the throat as he lay on the ground. When Gervinho reacted by slapping Barton, the Scouser fell to the deck like a folding chair, and Gervinho was sent off.

Arsene Wneger was not happy at this sequence of events, and for once managed to see everything. Amazing really, given his usual short-sightedness – maybe he's bought some contact lenses?

'I think I saw more than the referee did,' Wenger said, somewhat amusingly, refusing to comment on Alex Song. 'It was just an argument, the referee could have produced two yellow cards or two red ones.

'I don't think Gervinho deserved to be sent off and certainly Barton was not hit hard enough to lie down for two minutes in the way he did. I will have to have a good look at it again before we decide whether to appeal.'

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