Arsene Wenger will stay say Arsenal

Just in case any of you Arsenal fans out there were thinking that Arsene Wenger is a busted flush and should be shown the door, you wishes are not going to come true: he's been given the (dreaded) voted of confidence from the Gunners' board, which means that he is going nowhere – OK?

Wenger's team beat Shrewsbury Town 3-1 at home in the Carling Cup last night, but it didn't start too well for them, as they went 1-0 down. The crowd started mumbling about Wenger, as they have done all season, and it's clear that his position is not secure in the eyes of the fans. However the club's chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, says that they have faith in their coach, and they won't be pushing him out.

'There is absolutely no issue about Arsène leaving the club or the club pushing him out – that is a non-story,' said Gazidis. 'It's not a sentimental decision, it's what we think is right for the club. We've got the manager who has done the thing that's most difficult in the game, which is to deliver success consistently over time.

'If we step back and look with some perspective at what Arsène and the club have achieved together, we see that this has been a journey in which the club has transformed itself, not just in terms of the stadium and its financial strength, but also in terms of the way in which it is perceived around the world because of the type of football we play. You don't throw something like that away easily, or if you do, you're a fool.'

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