Arsene Wenger under pressure again

Arsene Wenger has had to once again field questions about his future his Arsenal side collapsed at Blackburn Rovers yesterday afternoon, giving away three cheap goals to lose 4-3. However the Gunners boss says that he isn't going anywhere, so Emirates regulars can expect to see a bit more of that sort of defending for a while.

Arsenal were leading 2-1 at half time, with Mikel Arteta in particular showing the world that they weren't a spent force, at least going forward. However the same defensive problems reared their ugly heads, and after Alex Song gav away a comical own goal, they folded like a sunbed, conceding two more cheap goals. However they could have easily drawn the game, as Theo Walcott and his Spanish teammate sought to drag them out of the mess they put themselves in. However it was too little, too late, and now their manager founds himself in a sticky situation.

'There is nothing to say about my future, my future is at this club focusing on what I do well,' Wenger said. 'But having just four points after five games is terrible. It is not good enough, and neither is coming here and conceding four goals. Defensively we are just not solid enough. It was not all negative, the game was frustrating because we did some things very well. We created many chances, for instance, and could have claimed a draw at the end, but I cannot say I am not worried when you see the performance we put in today.

'There was a lack of concentration at corners and free-kicks, and when you are 2-1 up away from home what you must not do is give away cheap goals. We did that, and let Blackburn back into the game. We no longer appear to have the capability to keep our defensive focus for the whole 90 minutes. Of course I am disappointed by our start to the season, and we need quick results now. Spending too much time talking about it isn't going to help.'

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