Arsene Wenger: Fabregas and Nasri are still here?

As the transfers of Cesc Fabregas and Sami Nasri draw ever closer, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to be slipping further into the paranoid dimension he has created for himself: in yesterday's press conference he refused to talk about them as ex-players, even though they both clearly are, and answered questions in a cryptic, defensive manner.

It's not exactly hard to see why Wenger has retreated in on his own mad world: the press are constantly questioning his decision making processes, and even fans are getting on his back, wondering why Arsenal haven't bought a centre-back worthy of the name, or paid any attention to their defensive problems at all. But surely claiming that Nasri wasn't on the squad list because he is 'sick' is laughable.

'We are all replaceable,' he said. 'All the cemeteries are full of replaceable people. But you do not want to lose big players. We fight to have big players so you do not want to lose them. Nasri went for the national team, he was sick, and he has not completely recovered yet. There are no other aspects why he is not in the squad.' Right you are.

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