Arsene Wenger and Phil Gartside do battle

Arsene Wenger has defended himself from criticism from Bolton Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside, after he made it clear that he didn't appreciate Arsenal's £6million pound bid for defender Gary Cahill.

Gartside took to Twitter to have a go at Wenger, retweeting the following message from a Boton fan: '#arsenal are you taking the piss 6 million for Garry Cahill f*** right off!!! #BWFC #wengerisabell'. He subsequently deleted the tweet, but it's clear that his manager Owen Coyle, who said of the offer that 'the word derisory doesn't even cover it', agrees with him. Wenger however has called Gartside a liar, and while reusing to say how much they bid, made it clear that Arsenal's valuation was much higher than claimed.

'You can believe Gartside or you can believe me,' he said. 'I just tell you that it's not right. It's not the truth and if Gartside can say that I am lying, I am ready to confront him.

'If you ask 'Do I want to buy your house?' and you are not happy with the price, you say 'No' and that is it. Why should you feel insulted? I don't understand that. Why should you make offers that people are not insulted by? If the player is not for sale, they can keep him. If he is for sale, they can only accept the price they want. I don't understand the problem.

'As long as we were not happy, we did not sell the player. But we have never come out to say we are insulted. It is more the way they have turned the head of the players that can sometimes be disturbing.'

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