Arsene Wenger accused Barcelona of a lack of respect

Arsene Wenger has criticised Barcelona's Xavi Hernandez, after the Spanish midfielder spoke out in inflammatory style about Cesc Fabregas' desire to leave Arsenal and join him in Catalonia.

Xavi said that Fabregas was 'suffering' because he wasn't being allowed to move to his home town club, a quote that irritated the Arsenal boss all the more because it was carried by the Barcelona website. Wenger said that the Catalan giants showed a lack of respect by publishing his remarks, and that Arsenal would not have done the same thing, had the roles been reversed.

'If I found Barcelona in exactly the same position, I believe a mutual respect between the clubs should stop this kind of comment,' he said. 'It is very disrespectful and it is not the first time that Xavi has been disrespectful to Arsenal Football Club.

'What is important is that Cesc Fábregas is contracted to Arsenal Football Club. That is a fact. Arsenal want to keep him and all the rest is comment.'

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