Did you get Arsenal v Liverpool 2011 tickets?

Old rivals Arsenal and Liverpool met for their final match of the season on 17th April 2011. With a score to settle since meeting in August 2010 and drawing 1-1, this was a match worthy of watching live and which promised to be a great day out for those with Arsenal v Liverpool 2011 tickets.

Arsenal hosted the match at the fabulous Emirates Stadium in North London. For most of the match, the play was end to end with plenty of skill and decent tackling but without the finish of a ball in the back of the net. As  the match was drawing to a close, the hosts scored a goal courtesy of Robin van Persie. This gave Arsenal players and fans alike hope of the Premiership title as they still held Manchester United in their sights. In the dying minutes of the game however, they foolishly gave away a penalty thanks to Emmanuel Eboue barging into Liverpool's Lucas Leiva. With the last kick of the match,Dirk Kuyt struck home a penalty to equalise, dashing all of Arsenal's hopes and dreams for the season.

Those with Arsenal v Liverpool 2011 tickets must have left the stadium with mixed feelings. Arsenal fans would have felt thunderous whilst Liverpool fans would have been relieved although probably not jubilant at the score line. The teams now will not meet again until the 2011 to 2012 season when no doubt there will be further scores to be settled and some huge matches to follow.

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