Arsenal to face Celtic in the Champions League

Arsenal and Celtic have been drawn together in a Champions League group stage showdown. Cue Battle of Britain headlines all over the back pages ahead of the two-match tie.

Celtic earned the chance to play the Gunners after beating Dinamo Moscow in Russia earlier this week which was their first away win in Europe since Adam was a nipper.

The teams will meet in the first leg of the qualifier during the first week of the coming Premier League season. It will be the first time that Arsenal and Celtic will have met in Europe.

While Arsenal will be firm favourites to make it through to the group stages Celtic are always hard to beat at Parkhead. Former Celtic and Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas spoke about the draw.

"They would have wanted to avoid each other," said former Celtic and Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas. But Celtic fans would be happy because after their last two games they would fancy playing anyone. It was a very good performance in Russia."

Nicholas continued: "For Arsenal, the concern is the lack of players they've brought in and injuries. I think it will be very tight."

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