Arsenal struggle without Van Persie

After their stunning victory over Chelsea at the weekend, Arsenal endured a bit of a reality check last night with a 0-0 draw against Marseille.

The draw did little to dispel talk that the Gunners are too dependent on Robin Van Persie, who was rested on the bench for the first half of the match.

"It was a bit on the edge... it was a gamble," Wenger said. "You can say tonight that it didn't come off.

"Robin was tired, that's why I left him out. It was down to fatigue. He cannot play 50 games. He had a great chance when he came on and he tried to chip the keeper. We have to accept it. You cannot just say one player has to make the difference."

"We wanted to secure our qualification but in the last two games we took four points which, overall, is not too bad."

Arsenal remain on top of Group F and qualification is still likely. Their remaining matches are at home to Borussia Dortmund in three weeks and away to Olympiakos next month.

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