Arsenal skipper Gallas questions team-mates' bravery

William Gallas has revealed cracks in the current Arsenal team which are threatening to undermine the Gunners' title hopes. The Arsenal skipper broke rank today and questioned his team-mates' bravery and ability to deal with the demands of the Premier League.

"We have to understand that to be champions, you have to play big matches every weekend and fight," Gallas told reporters. "We are coming up against teams who are not scared to play football against us, who are not scared to take us on at our place, and this is becoming dangerous for Arsenal."

The French international continued: "We are not brave enough in battle. I think we need to be soldiers. We have to be warriors. There are teams who can do it well against us, and we have to be able to face up to these attacks. That is how they will forge their character, and how they will get experience. Even though they've played a certain number of matches, they're still young and still learning."

Gallas also revealed that he had to diffuse a half time changing room dispute during Arsenal's 4-4 draw with Spurs. "There was a problem at half-time," the Gunners' skipper said. "The only thing that I could say was 'Guys, we resolve these problems after the match, not at half-time.'"

While Gallas' outburst will be considered brave and honest by some, it's probably best to wash dirty linen behind closed doors. Arsene Wenger's problems seem to get worse with each passing day.

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