Arsenal might fight Uefa decision

Arsenal are considering appealing against Eduardo’s two-match ban for diving, which was given to him by Uefa after the stink caused by his laughable tumble against Celtic in the Champions League qualifying round. It won a penalty in a tie that was already as good as over.

Aresnal’s anger stems from the fact that Uefa have made it clear that they will not be changing the rules so that anyone caught diving by the referee and booked by him will not receive the same ban as Eduardo, whose ban is equivalent to being sent off. Nor will they be making diving a sending off offence. Arsenal are (justifiably) angry at the arbitrary nature of the punishment.

‘The club is disappointed with Uefa's decision,’ Arsenal said in a statement. ‘We have been informed that we will receive a “reasoned decision” from Uefa by Thursday of this week. Once we receive Uefa's rationale, we will make a decision on the next steps.

‘We have been deeply frustrated by the perfunctory and apparently arbitrary process that Uefa has followed in this instance. We believe it is imperative that Uefa's explanation for its decision provides clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced. It is also critical that Uefa provides specific details of the processes it plans to adopt in reviewing all games under its jurisdiction.’

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