Arsenal v Manchester United football tickets

Arsenal v Manchester United football tickets are one of the most highly sought after tickets of the Premiership season. It is a highly competitive encounter between two of the top four teams in the Premiership. However, this year Man United would seem to have the edge over their rivals Arsenal.

Man United's combination of youth and experience is producing a winning formula, with the highlight being an 8-0 thrashing of Bolton. Arsenal on the other hand have had a bad start to their season and have been severely affected by the sale of two of their top players, Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona and Samir Nasri to Man City.

The best place to purchase tickets for this match is through the Arsenal official website, which can be found online at arsenal.com. The prices range from £35 to £100 at the Emirates Stadium and there is an online booking fee of £2.10. Centre Upper tier tickets cost £100, while goal lower tickets cost £35. The difference in the prices is due to the visibility of different sectors of the stadium in relation to the match.

Another useful site to purchase your tickets for the game is livefootballtickets.com. However, it must be noted that all sales are final and no refunds are available through this site.

One of the best places for Man Utd away supporters to buy their tickets is through unitedticketagency.com, where you will receive tickets in the away supporters section.

The match is shaping up to be a classic and one in which the future of Arsene Wenger (Arsenal's manager) may rest upon.

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