Arsenal lose unbeaten record

Arsenal lost the last unbeaten record in English professional football on Sunday with a shock 2-1 defeat at strugglers Middlesborough.

Boro thoroughly deserved victory over the league leaders, who were without Flamini, Fabregas, Van Persie and Hleb. There will now be the inevitable questions about the depth of the squad and confidence of the team, who were beaten in the Champions League by Sevilla last time out and have earned just four points from their last three league games.

Especially as the last time Arsenal lost an unbeaten record, they fell to pieces. When “The Invincibles” – who went the whole of 2003-04 without losing a game match – finally went down 2-0 to Man Utd at Old Trafford, a string of poor results saw them fall away from Premiership contention. In fact, they only thing Arsenal have won since was a flukey FA Cup over Man Utd in 2005.

Will this team be any different? What do you reckon? Or has the hoodoo set in once more?

(Image: from Kieran Lynam’s flickr stream)

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