Arsenal lose ugly

“Hopelessly one-sided” was just about every paper’s verdict on Man Utd’s drubbing of Arsenal in the FA Cup on the weekend.

The Gunners were tetchy and uncommitted, they dived and squabbled, and generally played with a total absence of the grace which has brought them to the top of the league.

This season they have learnt on occasion to win ugly. Here they showed they can lose ugly too. 

Even the excuses were poor. Wenger pleaded squad shortages, but Toure was back and Fabregas and Adebayor were on the pitch but may as well not have shown up. Wenger blamed the pitch, but Utd seemed to manage. Fans will say the Gunners want to focus on the Champions League and the Premiership but, er, so do Man Utd, and that didn’t stop them playing like they actually wanted to win.

The only thing that Arsenal did well was the chant the fans directed at the Stretford End: “We’ll race you back to London!”

(Image: from Kevin Hutchinson’s flickr stream)

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