Arsenal legend Tony Adams involved in Aston Villa takeover bid

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Tony Adams is reportedly involved in a takeover bid for Premier League strugglers Aston Villa. Adams has teamed up with former Chelsea executive Paul Smith to lead a consortium who will look to take over a club with massive potential.

The Villains, who have been resurgent of late following the appointment of Tim Sherwood as manager, are owned by American businessman Randy Lerner. It has been widely known for some time now that Lerner is looking to sell meaning that if Adams is successful in raising enough capital then a bid could very well be successful.

Adams and Smith have been seeking partners in the hopes of raising about 50% of the reported £150 million it would take to convince Lerner to sell up. Smith has reportedly already done a lot of the legwork involved in a potential deal after meeting with Lerner's representatives on a number of occasions.

Aston Villa are somewhat of a sleeping giant in English football with a large following and one of the biggest stadiums in the country. With the right owners in place the club has the potential to grow and stake a claim for a return to European football where the big money lies.

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