Arsenal bashed to pieces by Manchester United

Yet more misery for poor old Arsene Wenger: just when you thought that his Arsenal side had turned the corner by beating Udinese in the Champions League, his depleted team got the shellacking of a lifetime by Manchester United at Old Trafford yesterday afternoon, hammered 8-2 and humiliated on national television.

The result, which saw England stars Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young score five goals between them, including a hat-trick for Rooney, has increased calls for the Frenchman to resign from Arsenal. However he refuses to quit, and just as well for the Gunners: who on earth would they get in now, with three days left until the end of the transfer window?

'No (I won't quit), because I feel it (the result) was under very special circumstances,' the Arsenal manager said. 'It is a terribly painful defeat but I don't compare whether it is the most painful of all. It is painful and that's it.

'We have played three league games and two Champions League games and it is at the end of a season when you can make a balanced decision. Of course this hurts, it was humiliating, but you could see we had not recovered physically from Wednesday night, we had eight players out, they had class and they punished us.'

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