Armand Traore a 'disgrace', says Neil Warnock

Queens Park Rangers are having something of a topsy-turvy start to their season so far: having walloped Wolves 3-0 at home last week, they're finding it hard to win at home, and had to grab a fortuitous last minute equaliser to stop themselves from being beaten 1-0 by a poor Aston Villa side yesterday afternoon.

The R's draw 1-1 thanks to an injury time own goal from David Dunne, and in truth the West Londoners were lucky to get their point, having hardly threatened the goal all afternoon. They can count themselves especially lucky that they managed to do it 10 men, as Armand Traore was sent off for a stupid second booking as the game approached its closing minutes. Hoops manager Neil Warnock didn't pull any punches, describing the left-back as a 'disgrace'.

'I just thought he was a disgrace,' said Warnock. 'I will fine him as much as I possibly can. I told him to his face 'you've let me down and you've let the team down'.

'As an opposition player when you are winning 1-0 away from home, that is what you want. I just think he was a bit thick and naive. I said to him 'when we're playing at Fulham next week what are you going to be doing?' But he is learning. He is a good player and will be an even better one after that.'

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