Argentine says 'I don't like Maradona', world explodes

Boca Juniors star and all round football genius Juan Ramon Riquelme has hung up his international boots for a second time, telling anyone who'll listen that he cannot work with the greatest player of all time and one time friend of the Neopolitan mafia, Diego Maradona.

Diego has criticised the languid midfielder , complaining that phone calls to him have not been returned, while Riquelme has pouted about having to learn through the media abnout being dropped for a friendly against France. Presumably if he'd picked up the phone he'd have found out before the papers.

'We did not agree on much,' he said in a TV interview. 'We do not have the same principles. As he's long as he's coach of the team, we cannot work together. It hurts me in my soul to do this, but hopefully everything will turn out well for the team and they can qualify for the World Cup without me.'

Losing their star man will be a blow to Argentina, who only have Messi, Cambiasso, Carlos Tevez, German Denis, Mauro Zarate.....

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