Argentine government bails out their FA

The Argentine government has stepped in to help out its ailing football association after a row over TV money indefinitely delayed the start of the football season.

The AFA (Argentine Football Association) has been given $155million (£94million) for the broadcasting rights, which was more than double what commercial broadcasters were offering. Many football clubs in Argentina are heavily in debt, and the row with the TV companies was threatening to drag on for the foreseeable future.

The President Cristina Fernandez claimed that the deal made the country more democratic, but critics have poured scorn on her for spending so much of the state’s funds on football at a time when serious poverty is on the increase.

‘Today is a historic day for football, for the AFA, for Argentines and for the possibility of living in a more just and democratic society,’ Fernandez said. ‘It's not good that only those who can pay can watch football.’

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