Argentina beat Brazil 3-0 to reach Olympic final

Brazil's hopes of winning Olympic gold in Beijing went up in flames yesterday when they were given a 3-0 spanking by arch-rivals Argentina. Sergio Aguero, who couldn't hit a barn door with a bulldozer in the group stages, scored a brace before Riquelme heaped further humiliation onto the Brazilians from the penalty-spot. Things got even worse for Dunga's side with Lucas and Neves both being sent off before the end.

While European teams tend not to give much importance to Olympic football, it's considered a big deal in South America as illustrated by the calibre of player on display, e.g. Messi, Riquelme, Mascherano, Ronaldinho, and Pato. Dunga's failure to secure a first Olympic title for the Selcao will probably see him get the chop.

Argentina will meet Nigeria in the final after the African side brushed aside Belgium with ease. The Super Eagles won 4-1 and will be looking to cause an upset in the final.

Argentina 3 Brazil 0
Nigeria 4 Belgium 1

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