Are you searching for the world's best poker players?

If you're into the game of poker and you want to get some idea of what you're up against, or if you're a poker fan and you want to find out who the world best poker players are, there's just one place to go. One site has all the information you'll ever need about poker players, their rankings, and earnings, so let's see where you should go?

Pokerpages.com is a massive poker resource, and if you're looking for player information you're catered for at this site. The site currently lists the top money winners, and it lists 100 International players on their earnings. The list can also be broken down into WSOP Millionares, WSOP Women, Popular Players, Women in poker, or Seniors of Poker. So there's really a world of information here.

Erik Seidel comes first on the list of poker millionaires, and has earned $16,703,107 to date. Clicking on his name takes us straight to his profile, and here you'll find quick stats, a gallery, and even his poker results. According to his profile he's located in Las Vegas Nevada, has had 23 first place finishes, 8 WSOP bracelets, and his ProRank Position is number 1.

Number two on the list is Daniel Negreanu with winnings of $14,673,243 and third on the list is Phil Ivey with winnings of $13,873,862. The site lists the top earning 100 players, so this list should keep you occupied for a while. You're even able to see players' yearly statistics if you access their profile information.

What a great way to increase your poker player knowledge, or to size up the competition!

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